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Context: Designed at the Harvard Innovation Lab, Milan Global’s Growthosphere is an innovative ecosystem where growth is challenging, organic and inevitable. Since 2019, we have rolled out a multitude of career acceleration programs to produce future business leaders and effective citizens of the world. We do this by teaching young people and upskillers to develop a growth mindset and solve real-world problems alongside global entrepreneurs and innovators. With every project and new program, our network of multidisciplinary experts across the globe grows. 


Malini Srikrishna, MTS LSW

Director, Growthosphere

Alma Mater: Harvard University, The Ohio State University


Ciarra Jones, MTS

Journalist, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur

Alma Mater: Harvard University, UC-Berkeley


Eboni Nash, MTS

Storyteller, Educational Innovator, Advocate

Alma Mater: Harvard University, Hastings College

Prof. Sri.jpg

K. Srikrishna, PhD

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Innovation Professor Alma Mater: University of California - Berkeley, IIT-BHU


Melinda McClimans, PhD

Educator, Social Scientist, Entrepreneur

Alma Mater: The Ohio State University


Jemimah Jatau, MPA

Leadership, Government Relations, Public Policy

Alma Mater: Harvard University

Leonna Bell_edited.jpg

Leonna Bell

Project Manager, Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur

Alma Mater: The Ohio State University



Storyteller, Creative Designer, Project Manager

Alma Mater: University of Manipal - Jaipur

John Mike High Noone_headshot_edited.jpeg

Mike Noone

Visual Storyteller, Creative Director, Producer

Alma Mater: California State University


2023 Web 3.0 Accelerator

From decentralized finance to social media and beyond, Web 3.0 technologies are revolutionizing the way we interact with each other and with the digital world. Our Web 3.0 Accelerator, run by alumni from Harvard, MIT, Ohio State, and other premier institutions, offers a comprehensive hands-on education in web 3.0 technology. Students require absolutely no background in technology to apply for the program.



Harvard Innovation Lab
Venture Accelerator 2021-22

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