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Context: Designed at the Harvard Innovation Lab, Milan Global’s Growthosphere is an innovative ecosystem where growth is challenging, organic and inevitable. Since 2019, we have rolled out a multitude of career acceleration programs to produce future business leaders and effective citizens of the world. We do this by teaching young people and upskillers to develop a growth mindset and solve real-world problems alongside global entrepreneurs and innovators. With every project and new program, our network of multidisciplinary experts across the globe grows. 


Malini Srikrishna, LSW

Director, Growthosphere

Alma Mater: Harvard University, The Ohio State University


Ciarra Jones

Journalist, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur

Alma Mater: Harvard University, UC-Berkeley


Melinda McClimans, PhD

Educator, Social Scientist, Entrepreneur

Alma Mater: The Ohio State University

Samarth Baligar_edited.jpg

Samarth Baligar

Health Coach, Researcher, Serial Entrepreneur

Alma Mater: PESIT, University of Wollongong

Leonna Bell_edited.jpg

Leonna Bell

Project Manager, Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur

Alma Mater: The Ohio State University



 Track #1  

Upskilling Growthshops & Apprenticeships

Throughout the year, we offer series of upskilling growthshops in digital marketing, innovation & beyond. At the least, participants gain monetisable skills, and at the most join the Growthosphere long-term for continued upskilling.

 Track #2  

Independent Scholars Program

The Independent Scholars Program is for students who want to research cutting-edge topics under experts from leading institutions. The exact project is determined based on the scholar's interest or the opportunity we determine as the best fit. 

 Track #3  

Employability & Income Training

This track is for people explicitly looking to make additional income or gain employment. If they demonstrate exceptional work ethic during the two-week training marathon, we will help bridge skill gaps to provide paid gigs or employment. 


Nov - Feb 2023 Opportunities

Independent Scholar Research Areas

(Rolling Admission)

Health & Biotech

Scholars will research under scientists and health coaches for Growing Young, an evidence-based product and book for people 40+ to beat ageing.

Policy & Law

Scholars will be mentored directly by published researchers focused on producing research to explore global criminal justice systems. 

Economics & Human Capital Development

Scholars will develop a robust research database on the economic implications of skill gaps and lack of employment opportunities globally.

Employability & Income Trainings

(Sign-Up >2 Weeks Before for 2-Week Training)

Social Media Marketing

Orientation Date: Jan 16th, 2023 

Visual Storytelling

Orientation Date: Feb 6, 2023 

Upskilling Growthshop Series

(Sign-Up >1 Month Before for 5 Sessions in 5 Weeks)

Creativity Series

Starting Date: Jan 23rd, 2023



Harvard Innovation Lab
Venture Accelerator 2021-22

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